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How to Apply for a Passport

To apply for a passport, there are basically three steps. The first is to fill out the appropriate application. The form you use will depend on the service you are requesting. The second step is to gather all the required documents. Finally, you will send your application and documents in for processing. The location you send it to will depend on how quickly you need your passport and, in the case of having it expedited, you will have to decide if you will mail the application, hand deliver it yourself or contract an expediter to do it for you. Click here if you need to expedite your passport.

Types of Passport Service

You need to apply for a new passport if you have never had a passport, your last passport expired and was issued more than 15 years ago, your previous passport has expired and it was issued when you were under 16, your most recent passport was lost or stolen or your most recent passport was severely damaged.

You can renew your passport by mail if your present passport is not damaged, you received the passport within the past 15 years, you were over age 16 when it was issued and you still have the same name, or can legally document your name change.

Obtaining a child's passport is one of the most demanding passport application processes. To guarantee the safety and security of minors, the U.S. government has some special requirements for obtaining a passport for a child. Read instructions carefully.

Lost your passport? I did once. It's really quite easy to do. If you travel infrequently, you can misplace it. I mean it does have a ten year validity. If you travel often, you run the risk of laying it down while em route and forgetting it. To replace a lost or stolen passport, you'll have to request a new one and fill out an extra form. Just click the link to get the instructions.

With security tight, it is important that your passport contain your present name. If it has changed due to marriage, adoption or any other reason, apply to change the name in your passport as soon as possible. You have one year after you change your name to update your passport without paying a fee. After this, you will have to request a new one and pay the normal fees.

Many countries require a blank page before they will stamp their visa in your passport. If your plans are to visit more countries than you have visa pages left, you should apply to add pages to your passport. It doesn't cost anything (except for your time) unless you have it expedited.

If you need to get your passport fast and want to apply online to have it expedited, visit Fastport Passport & Visa Services.