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Applying for a Passport Name Change

There are several reasons that individuals change their names including marriage, divorce and adoption. Of course, it is also possible to choose a different name and have it officialzed by a court order. Instructions are provided below to help you understand the name change application process. Click here if you need to expedite your passport.

Steps to Get a Name Changed in a Passport

To apply for a passport name change, complete the application form and mail it in with a certified copy of your marriage certificate or court decree, your current valid passport and new passport photos.

Download Form DS-5504: U.S. Passport Re-Application Form. (Right click + "Save as")

The request to change the name in your passport has to be done within one year from the official date of the change. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new passport.

Send the completed form to one of the following addresses.

If using USPS:

National Passport Processing
P.O. Box 13408
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3408

If using other deliver service:

National Passport Processing
Attention: Department 3408
1617 Brett Road
New Castle DE 19720

Photocopies and notarized copies of documents are not acceptable for passport purposes. If you need to acquire a certified copy of your marriage license, you can do so at the county clerk's office in the county in which you were married.

The U.S. Department of State Passport Service claims to process passport in 6 weeks for regular service and in 2 weeks for expedited service. Neither are guaranteed.

If you are in a hurry to change the name in your passport, you will need to contract a passport and visa expediter.

If you need to get your passport fast and want to apply online to have it expedited, visit Fastport Passport & Visa Services.