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Expediting U.S. Passports

A request for passport expediting is made for two reasons: crises or convenience. Either you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires you to get your passport processed within a few weeks to as quickly as the same day or you understand the value of quick, effecient service. No matter the reason, the tips below will help you choose a competent service provider. Click here if you need to expedite your passport.

Passport Expediting Tips

Passport expediting has been compared to traveling in business class. It costs more but it comes with a lost of priviledges. If you're going to pay, make sure you get your money's worth. Here are some tips from my experience as an international traveler and recommendations based on my interaction with nearly fifty travel document expediters.

Choose a service that offers a money-back guarantee. It's not that you want your money back. You don't. What you want is your passport processed and delivered to you before your departure date. But a company that doesn't offer a money-back guarantee doesn't take their responsiblity serious enough. If failure to get your passport returned to you will cost them money, you can bet they will give it all they got.

Look for an expediter that offers quality customer service. When you're in a crunch, anxiety can be minimized if you can talk to someone who receive fast responses to your messages. There are numerous sites online that provide customer reviews so you can quickly evaluate the efficiency of most any company. If you find no reviews, this probably an indicator that the company either has not been around long enough or does not do reach enought people.

Give preference to passport expediting services that are well-established and experienced. The explosive increase in the number of passport issued over the past few years has contributed to a substantial increase in the number of registered expediters. However, not all service providers are the same. Make sure the company you choose has what it takes to get your passport to you quickly.

Recommended Passport Expediting Services

When you need express passport expediting, visit Fastport Passport & Visa Services.